Marchettino, exclusive YouTuber interview (English version)

I admit that initially I did not pay too much attention to all the rumors around Marchettino; maybe because of the age difference and, believing that he would have interested only a young public, I moved over.

Marchettino for Lifers

The only thing that impressed about him, was his ability to re-invent a new “kind “ of work. Then, accidentally we have met one, two, three times and because of the natural instinct I have about people (and my passion for their stories), I had to fully listen to Jean de La Bruyère << We must not judge men as we do a painting or a statue, by a first and single impression: they have an inner self and a heart to be explored>>.

So I observed him a long time, imagining to wear the invisible cloak of Harry Potter: he is curious, sometimes lonely and I felt he is a bit shy too.. and all of that, made him appearing friendly to me, so I wanted to get to know more about him.. again he is a bit a wandering, partly a dreamer, always ready to set higher limits, reaching the new ones always faster than the previous ones. And I liked him a lot, because I did not find an egocentric person, that wears a mask, but an interpreter of himself, from his authentic passion for Supercars, until his contagious laugh.

Marchettino for Lifers

Nowadays it seems that there are only 3 ways of relating with people, Facebbok, Twitter and Youtube, so my idea was to involve him in the “old” dimension of real dialogue and hand-writing, face to face, in order to talk with and about him, with the hope to let him a nice and an original memory.

How does it feel to be the protagonist of an interview?

It is a strange feeling, even because it has never happened to me to release an interview as a protagonist. This makes me understand how things around me are changing, how people start looking at me in a different way; I feel a bit like a public figure, thanks to my job, even if I want to remark that I consider myself and keep living like any other teenager.

How did it happen that suddenly Marco became Marchettino ?

It is a long story: officially Marchettino was born on 2nd July 2006 with the official YouTube channel; the choice of the name was random, differently from what others may think: I am sure you know the situation of when you want to create a new email account and they give you alternative names because common ones are already chosen. So, It was like that; and because I liked Marchettino, I chose that to be the name of my YouTube channel.

Marchettino for Lifers

Can you tell us your first time on a car and which was your first car ?

My first car, the one I still drive, is the Abarth 500. The first car I got a ride in, was a Lamborghini Gallardo – if I am not wrong – ; it was a long time ago; I didn’t even have the driving license yet and, at that time, I was only running after supercars on the streets, ah, ah.

Well, your start was good overall, wasn’t it ?

Yes, exactly !
(And again he laughs in his own way that I suggest to patent as a trademark – N.d.R.)

Marchettino for Lifers

Business goes with people, how is your approach ?

The first approach is professional.. sometimes, after time, some of these relationships become more solid, some others also a friendship.

You created an innovative way of making videos and after that, everyone got closer to that way. Is it difficult to keep your niche position and standing out ?

Yes it is. It is impossible to continue a business without evolving and standing out from the crowd only because your previous work was good or because you may have a solid “brand-name”. For example, I would really like to go on TV. I was really close to that, few time ago, but maybe it was not the right time yet…

Marchettino for Lifers

What is the feeling of hearing people calling your name on the street, more often than before?

I admit that it is a very particular feeling; I started from zero and now, during some public events, like the last “Cars and Coffee”, people screamed my name, asked for a selfie, told to rev a car (even when I am on an electric BMW i8, ah,ah), it is a deep emotion. Then I wonder: is it really happening?

Can you tell me more about the relationship with your fans ?

I get a lot of messages, both on my FB page and on my YouTube video, and I want to underline that I try to reply to all. For sure it takes some days, so don’t worry.

Marchettino for Lifers

What does a YouTuber competitor should (or shouldn’t) do to get on well with you ?

Collaborating with other Youtubers is something that I always really like. We are doing it also today, right now, with this joint interview with Lifers Blog’s and more. I have to say that this kind of work is easily doable with international Youtubers because in Italy, people are often jealous and suspicious about others. On the other side, it is annoying when I realize that a person looks for me only to get my contacts in order to exploit them for his or her own sake.

Marchettino for Lifers

Can you tell us a weird situation that happens during the several reviews you have made ?

(Again his Trademark laugh – N.d.R.)

A couple of years ago I was following the McLaren F1 owners event in Italy. I got the right information because the event was really intimate and private as well as the location, somewhere in Tuscany. I pulled over my car, as I came across Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean) ’s F1. He was inside drinking a coffee and I was outside taking pictures, while suddenly another car stopped and a guy told me <<there’s another car like this that had a crash two kilometers before..>> As soon as Atkinson came out of the car I told him that, and we went back together to see what was happened…  

So you drove back with him…

Not really (laugh) I followed him with the Abarth ( but I can give you some hints about his personality). So we got to the place of the crash and there was a F1 upside-down, smashed into a tree (a shocking scene, but luckily the owner was ok) and because we were lost in the Tuscan countryside, I was there with a couple of friends and with Mr. Bean next to the crash. When the “Carabinieri” arrived I was taken as official interpreter as they were not talking English at all !

Why did you say he was a particular character ?

Because when he play Mr. Bean, he is really funny and extrovert, but in his private life, Atkinson is introvert and solitary.

So do you see a bit yourself in that… Maybe ?

Well, maybe.. party, but it depends. He is much more introvert than I am, he didn’t even want a selfie or a photo, nothing.

Marchettino for Lifers

I know that you have a Schumacher F1’s piston, a gift from a special friend. Do you want to talk about that ?

I think it is one of the most valuable objects I have, in terms of sentimental value. Recently I also wrote a post on Instagram about that: Piston and piston rod of the Schumacher’s 2004 F1; it was given to me as a Christmas present by a person that I love and that unfortunately passed away; therefore the sentimental value is ever bigger now.

So do you follow the F1 ?

Yes I do. I believe that Schumi, as well as Senna, are two of the most charismatic drivers.

Do you like Vettel ?

Yes, many say that I look like him (laugh)

(Thinking about that, I overall agree with that – N.d.R.)

And.. between Vettel and Hamilton ?


Because he drives a Ferrari…

No, because of his personality; I consider Vettel more humble, calm, Lewis (sometimes) behaves more like a star, not as a Formula 1 driver.

Marchettino for Lifers

Do you travel a lot, last year you have been to Japan (another relevant country for automotive), but in your wish list, which city would like to visit and with which car ?

Nice question at which I would reply that.. (if I wasn’t there last August) I would have liked to go to Japan!

And you have been there…

Yes, and I would really like to go back! Perhaps with a Lexus…

The LF ?

Well, why not, ah, ah ? The new coupè, LC 500 with a v8, would be enough.

Marchettino for Lifers

Sushi or “Piadina” ?

Piadina (and he tells that in the perfect local dialect which, because we are used to his reviews entirely in English, makes him even more friendly – N.d.R.) even because after a month spent eating only “Sushi Sushi Sushi”, you come back to Italy and you don’t want to hear the word “Sushi” for a while…

(However, for lunch, he asks me to stop in front of a Japanese food, but fortunately we agree on a more classic American food, after that the Japanese waiter kindly “send us away” because of the late hour – N.d.R.)

Is there something you really don’t like ?

Well… Actually that sometimes I am a bit too much shy… And I believe this can limit me a bit…

Marchettino for Lifers

What do your parents think about you ?

They are really proud.. even if at the beginning they may were thinking that, together with my brother, we would have continued with their job.

One thing that I really like about your reviews is that, differently from other “famous” automotive journalists, you are always straightforward and incisive about the cars you test, even if (knowing about press offices) this could cause you some troubles: do you have any story to tell ?

Yes, I am really straightforward and I always tell my impressions during the tests, because I think this is what the public wants; I often have clashes with press offices, but my everyone always admits that I am really objective..

Marchettino for Lifers

Do you ever exaggerate to get more “likes” ?

Absolutely not, I don’t get anything from making favors to Cars Manufacturers, indeed..

In this way they may give you no cars anymore…

I already experienced that, but if I cannot test a car via the official Car Manufacturer, I can always try via private owners, I still have a wide network…

In the specific case, does the owner come with you or not ?

It depends. In some cases the owner sits on the passenger side, so I have to limit a bit myself; some other times they let me drive alone, so I can dare some drifts… Ah, ah.

Marchettino for Lifers

Fast and Furious or Need for Speed ?

I would say: because they are too commercial, neither!
I liked RUSH as a car movie, really exciting.. I do not watch the TV that often and when I go to the cinema, I prefer action and war movies.

Besides cars, what is your hobby ?

Going out with friends, playing sports, going to the gym.. but I do not watch football, it harms you!

(Laugh – N.d.R.)

Young people seem to have new passions that get them away from cars; so how do you see yourself in the next future? Do you think of retiring or getting a new job ?

No, I will continue in this way for sure; ten years ago, I had a much smaller audience and now I have lots of followers but without changes. My followers love what I do, so I don’t worry.

Marchettino for Lifers

How do you perceive electric car and a step forward, the autonomous drive ?

I am in favor of electric cars; they are a different way to think about driving and that give you something that a car with regular petrol engine is not capable of. I think that the autonomous drive is dangerous and I am not sure it can be applied in complete safety. If I am honest, I don’t know if we will ever be able to rely completely on that. A computer will never be able to think as a human being..

Brad Pitt, a big motorbikes fan, recently said “But in the traffic of L.A. with a helmet on, I’m just another asshole on the road”. I know that you were in Rome recently. How would you feel in that traffic jam with an F40 (your dream car) ?

(I thought to this as a funny question for him but it put him under pressure, and makes him thinking for a while, even asking me to repeat it – N.d.R.)

I would be nervous to drive a worth car like the F40 in the Roman traffic; as “Marchettino” I would wonder to what others may think, more than feeling uncomfortable. Even if, to be honest, I feel like any other teenager, so I agree with him: even on a Ferrari, in the traffic I would be only “another asshole on the road”!

Marchettino for Lifers

So, as everyone that looks into the future, also Marco alias Marchettino doesn’t seem to over celebrate his success. His enthusiasm is the same as if he just started, if he didn’t started yet. I bet that in the future he will remember this year, 2016, as a fundamental year for his own career. So I only have one last question left and this time he will give you the answer (only in Italian, sorry… N.d.R).

Video by Giulio Visentin, Shooting by Andrea Ciprelli, Backstage by Svadas, Translation by Niccolò Englaro

For the Italian version click here

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